In 2015, the West Nipissing Chamber of Commerce and Laurentian University completed a Leakage Analysis and Market Feasibility Study on West Nipissing. The study is a project component of the West Nipissing Business Growth Initiative.

The purpose of the leakage analysis is to provide measurements and estimates of the propotion of individual and corporate purchases that are occuring outside of the West Nipissing region among businesses as well as consumers. In retail, leakage refers to consumers spending money outside of the local market. The aim of this study is to discover whether the level of leakage in the municipality of West Nipissing is higher or below what one could expect due to its geographic location for both business and consumer purchases.

The objective of the Market Feasibility Study is to identify profitable retail sector activities and reveal current barriers that existing businesses are facing when looking at expansion and diversification opportunities. This study is also aimed at identifying areas where local authorities can support and enhance the business environment of West Nipissing. Furthermore, West Nipissing could be missing businesses that might be useful to existing residents.

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Leakage Analysis and Market Feasibility Study - English

Leakage Analysis and Market Feasibility Study - French