West Nipissing Chamber of Commerce Unveils Brand and
Commercial to Strengthen Local Business Community


            The West Nipissing Chamber of Commerce held a brand launch event on October 18, 2016 at Club Calumet. During the event, the much anticipated business community brand and commercial highlighting West Nipissing’s small to medium sized enterprises (SME) was unveiled. “The West Nipissing business community is a diverse market in Northern Ontario but the vast amount of businesses are not currently joined under one identity,” explained Marketing Committee Chair and Chamber Director, Tom Lambert.

            The new brand showcases local shops and services as a consumer destination and will assist in generating sustainable traffic and instil local pride. This brand reflects the diversity of the region and the language of the people that live in West Nipissing. “We are working with a branding strategy that will implement a clear message that will build credibility, motivates shoppers and promotes consumer loyalty for the members of the West Nipissing business community,” said Lambert.

            The Chamber’s Marketing Committee developed the tag line ‘Quelle surprise’, creating a unique selling proposition that will be featured on marketing material. “This phrase promotes the variety of products and services in West Nipissing as being an unexpected surprise,” added Lambert.

            In addition to the new brand, the committee worked on a commercial to highlight the local private sector and everything West Nipissing has to offer. It encourages the community to shop local and encourages those outside of the community to come see what West Nipissing businesses have to offer. The Chamber will be working to promote the video and the brand over the next several months. “We want our residents to support local businesses and enable our economy to thrive,” exclaimed Chamber President Patrick Keough. 

            The Chamber has posted the SME commercial on their website as well as downloadable versions of the brand for business owners to incorporate in their own marketing materials. Local businesses will also be provided with branded materials to increase awareness. “By participating in this campaign and incorporating the brand, your business will be promoted as a consumer destination, it will establish local businesses as the best option for purchases and highlight the benefits of shopping local as convenient and a pleasant surprise. The goal of this campaign is to promote you, our local business community,” explained Lambert. 

The business community brand and SME commercial are part of the West Nipissing Business Growth Initiative project. This component of the project has been generously funded by FedNor, RDÉE Ontario, the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the Municipality of West Nipissing  and the Caisse Populaires of West Nipissing. Thank you to MotionArc Studios for their professionalism in capturing what makes West Nipissing great. “This initiative would not have been possible without the hard work and collaboration of many contributors including the current and past Chamber Board of Directors, Mrs. Jolene Greer Project Manager, Renée Beauparlant RDÉE Ontario Advisor to the Board, and West Nipissing entrepreneurs. The outcome and end product that was unveiled at the brand launch event was well received by those in attendance and makes us proud to spearhead this important work,” concluded Lambert. 

The SME Commercial can be viewed and shared with the following link:

Please download the Quelle Surprise logos and incorporate them into your own marketing materials and website.
If you need assistance downloading the logos, please contact the Chamber office. 

Click Here to Download the Horizontal Quelle Surprise

Click Here to Download the Horizontal Quelle Surprise - PDF


Click Here to Download the Vertical Quelle Surprise - JPEG

Click Here to Download the Vertical Quelle Surprise - PDF