History of Chamber

The first Secretary appointed was Jean Paul Serré and the signatories were (not all the names were legible on the original document): Rodolphe Blais, William Coté, J.D. Lauzon, A.Laforge, R. Walsh, Victor Z. Laberge, Lionel Marleau, Achille Michaud, Gaetan Perrier, Marcel Ferlatte, J.P. Ferlatte, J.G. Marleau, L. Robineau, C. MacGregor, Rochon, J. Rivet, John Hooper, A.E. Gallagher, A.E. LeBlanc, P.B. Clifford, F.J. Lalande, Florian Dalaire, Rev. Auguste Vaillancourt, Albert Serré.

On April 7th, 1951 area businessmen signed off on a Memorandum of Agreement under the Boards of Trade Act to form the Sturgeon Falls District Chamber of Commerce, to have its headquarters in Sturgeon Falls, Ontario, and to have jurisdiction in the District of Nipissing “starting at and including Meadowside and the western section of said district” – possibly the first time “West Nipissing” was defined as a “jurisdiction”.

A certificate of formation was recorded on January 24, 1952, pursuant to the Boards of Trade Act. 

In 1998 the then president, Mike Page, on behalf of the Chamber, applied for the name to be changed to the West Nipissing Chamber of Commerce / Chambre de Commerce de Nipissing Ouest. That name change was approved by Order of the Privy Council of Canada and the Governor General of Canada.